DoOM: Ten commandments monument and spelling.

Posted: November 15, 2020 in DoOM, media
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I wasn’t going to start the DoOM posts this quickly, but then our legislature went and put a ten commandments monument up at the capitol. This attempt to look like Texas would have been news enough, but apparently the company that built the monument, and the state government officials in charge of this whole thing, can’t spell very well.

Forget the fact that this won’t survive the first lawsuit. It is won’t pass muster for the state or federal constitutional tests. Oklahoma’s state constitution language on this is more explicit and stricter than the federal. I doubt it ever makes it past the Oklahoma State Supreme Court.

H/T to Hemant Mehta

  1. Matthew says:

    It saddens me to see this at the Capitol. Good thing I live far away, and don’t have to actually see it. By the time that I next make it to OKC, it’ll be gone with the lawsuits.

    When I posted about this on my FaceBook, it was really sad to see others around me saying how great it was to have this at the Capitol. And, I’m going to quote this. I’ll Copy and paste it so I don’t mess it up.

    “If this was passed in Congress by a huge majority, it seems like it is legit and a done deal. I personally don’t give a rat’s behind if it’s unconstitutional or not. I happen to like it. People do a lot worse things that are unconstitional everyday and have no repercussions at all…I don’t find anything wrong with it personally, but it is unconstitional.”

    This person openly admits that it’s unconstitutional. When it’s something that she believes in, she doesn’t care about the law. She holds herself and her beliefs above the law.

    That’s the saddest thing about this. That the people trying to do the right thing, will be seen as the villians, by trying to remove it.

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