ACLU to sue to remove ten commandments monument at state capital

Posted: August 8, 2020 in Uncategorized

In what is probably the most unsurprising story all week, the Oklahoma ACLU told Darla Sheldon over at The City Sentinel that they plan on suing to remove the ten commandments monument at the state capital.

You remember the one that was erected less than a year ago and the company that built it had to fix the spelling that none of the genius cheerleaders for this thing noticed until after it was erected.

The transgender name change case is also mentioned in Sheldon’s article. Long-time readers of this blog will recall that Oklahoma judge Bill Graves refused to grant a woman her routine name change after a male-to-female sex change operation on the grounds that identifying as a woman when you have the DNA of a man is fraud. Graves was overturned on appeal, but for some reason this is still being fought in the courts.

The ten commandments and the transgender name change case broke very close to one another, and back when I covered them I noticed something that nobody else has written about. The ACLU being involved isn’t the only thing these two cases have in common.

In the ten commandments case, Mike Ritze and his family are the financial backers and donors of the monument to the capital. It says so right there at the bottom. Ritze is one of the people who embarrassingly erected a misspelled monument on the steps of the Oklahoma capital. He’s also the current Oklahoma House of Representatives member for District 80.

Ritze turns up in the transgender case when Judge Graves cites him as an authority on DNA in his decision to deny the name change. As bad as this state is politically, it is still a pretty small world in Oklahoma politics. If you’re stupid enough to waste your money erecting a monument with the wrong spelling that will inevitably be removed for violation of church and state, you are also probably friends with someone who is stupid enough to think that getting your name changed after a sex change operation counts as fraud.

And again, the guy who is stupid enough to deny a transgender woman her name change is also probably friends with the likes of Sally Kern, from whom he bought his house. They all run in packs, folks.

(H/T to Red Dirt Report)

Correction note: This article has been changed to correct Bill Graves’ first name.

  1. James Nimmo says:

    The first name for Judge Graves is “Bill” not “Mike”. Mike Ritze calls himself an osteopath.

    desires to have his name changed for the following reason: “Petitioner is in the … opinion of Dr. Michael Ritze, a Board Certifed Osteopathic Family Practice …

  2. steve says:

    piss on the commie aclu. The Constitution’s 1st amendment guarantees hands off our religeous worship rights. There is no wall of separation even mentioned in it, despite what the leftist judges wish.

  3. […] A long time ago, I wrote about the Oklahoma Capitol Ten Commandments monument. Yeah, the one carved by people who couldn’t spell and the subject of an ACLU lawsuit. […]

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