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A long time ago, I wrote about the Oklahoma Capitol Ten Commandments monument. Yeah, the one carved by people who couldn’t spell and the subject of an ACLU lawsuit.

Since then, a number of groups, including Satanists, Hindus, Animal Rights Activists and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, have contacted the Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission about putting up monuments of their own. This left the Oklahoma legislators shitting a brick, and hilarity ensued in the local media.

Now, there is a new development. Yesterday, the Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission unanimously voted to impose a moratorium on any new monuments being built on the capitol grounds.

This is banana crazypants for two reasons.

First, it means that the people in charge at the Oklahoma State Capitol know they are in deep trouble legally. They simply cannot come up with a legal criteria for denying Satanists et al (and if a little birdy I know is correct, possibly atheists soon) a monument that will pass muster with the courts.

Second, it is going to make the ACLU lawsuit even more of a slam dunk than it is already. I can’t wait to see the Hindus and Satanists fill friend of the court briefs claiming they are currently being denied the opportunity to place a monument while the Ten Commandments are prominently on display, and now with correct spelling.

Right now, the Satanists have an IndieGoGo page up to take donations for their proposed monument. No word yet on what will happen now that it looks like it won’t be happening.

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