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Cutting bait

Posted: December 20, 2020 in about

This is the 50th post in just over a month.

I’ve given this website enough time to develop a consistent audience, tone and theme. I have long-term plans to make this website a fun, entertaining, and useful resource for weirdness in Oklahoma.

Now, after consideration and speaking with my wife, I’ve decided it is time to set a consistent schedule.

From here one out, barring some very time-sensitive event, this website will publish five posts a week, one on every weekday. There will not be any posts on weekends. There are very few hits on Saturday and Sunday, so they are the best time for me to cut back.

I’m looking forward to continuing this Odd Oklahoma, hopefully for years to come. By doing this small thing, I believe I can make that possible.

Depictions of Oklahomans in the Media (DoOM)

Posted: November 14, 2020 in about, DoOM
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I want to do a series on depictions of Oklahoma in popular culture, but there is one major problem. I don’t actually consume that much popular culture. I listen to somewhere close to zero FM and AM radio. What little satellite radio I partake in is almost exclusively music at least a decade old. I do listen to a lot of podcasts, but that are hardly mainstream culture. The closest is probably Marc Maron and This American Life, both of which have conveniently covered Oklahoma on their shows in the last year. I’ll definitely be posting those.

As for television, I technically have one, but it is hooked up to netflix streaming and a pair of rabbit ears. I never watch network television excepting the occasional ball game or presidential debate. With netflix, I get to watch a lot of great contemporary shows, but not the current season. This means I never see commercials (yay!) and never see depictions of Oklahoma and its residents when they first air. It also means I never see cable shows like The Daily Show or Conan.

All of this is to say that I’d like to do a few posts covering depictions of Oklahomans in the broader media culture, but they will either be rather obscure or a year out of date.

Maybe I’ll just stick to podcasts for now. It seems silly to complain about a terrorist from Oklahoma in the pilot of Justified when season four is about to start in January.

About Odd Oklahoma

Posted: November 11, 2020 in about
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Odd Oklahoma is dedicated to exploring and documenting the weird and interesting things about this state. Think of it as a counter-culture and subversive version of Is This a Great State or What?

I plan on covering topics ranging from paranormal shops, Bigfoot aficionados, snake-oil salesman in the guise of health gurus, churches trying to scare teens out of hell, godless gatherings in the Bible Belt, mushroom hunters seeking that savory fix, local legends, and wacky state political machinations. I also plan on covering some of the books documenting similar topics in Oklahoma.

If you find an Odd Oklahoma story, be sure and pass it my way at [email protected]