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You may not know this, but hidden away in the quieter corners of some of the universities around Oklahoma are some pretty great philosophers. They write books for non-philosophers and everything.

The first Oklahoma philosopher on my list is also one of my favorites, Eric Reitan, a professor at Oklahoma State University.

A few years ago, when British biologist and vocal atheist Richard Dawkins was making the lecture circuit with his anti-religious screed The God Delusion, Reitan was in the middle of writing a book outlining his particular take on religion. What was originally going to be a book aimed at attacking fundamentalist Christianity, became a philosophical defense of the middle ground between fundamentalism and Dawkins’ atheism. What resulted is the very readable Is God a Delusion: A Reply to Religion’s Cultured Despisers. The Kindle versions is a reasonable price. If you are interested in getting a pretty good look at the state of philosophy of religion and the debates about the existence of god, I can’t recommend a better book.

I haven’t read Reitan’s most recent book, God’s Final Victory: A Comparative Philosophical Case for Universalism, but from what I gather it is about why hell doesn’t exist and everyone is saved. I also can’t recommend this book, because you can’t currently get it for less than $100. That’s what happens when you write for an academic press on an obscure topic. Ivory tower and all that.

Reitan has a pretty great personal blog called The Piety That Lies Between where you can read his ideas for free, and he’ll interact with you. The title is a reference to his religious position between fundamentalism and atheism. He is a super nice guy, and very thoughtful.